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It's time to rekindle the wisdom of feminine treasures and rebuild the schools of wisdom, allowing us to reintegrate into the harmonious flow of life.


Hi! I'm Dani Rincon and I created Radiant Womben to support you on your path of awakening to your true essence.

You see, it was through my own hardships and past struggles that I learned what it’s like to feel disconnected and lost and essentially, it’s what propelled me to tap into my potential.

I work with energy, because that’s really all there is.
It’s all WE are you and I, so learning to work with it, instead of against it, is what brings flow to our lives and that’s what I help you with.


I believe happiness is found when we learn to balance our mental,
emotional and physical self and achieve coherence between what we think, what we voice and what we take action on.


In today’s society, success is somehow measured by our work and money, but the real price lies within us and in our ability to find stillness
in the middle of all the movement that our lifestyle requires. Slowing down and tuning in to our bodies allows us to listen to the wisdom they hold.

I have the honor to be a spiritual guide and coach for womben on their healing journey coming back to themselves.

I have been on a journey of deep studies in the fields of energy work, mindfulness, womb wisdom and ancestral medicine, for over 7 years.

I am forever a student of life, as I believe our learning never stops and I’m immensely grateful to the teachers, leaders and healers I’ve learned from and studied with along the way and to my lineage of ancestors who I honor and are an essential part of my support system to do this work.

In order for me to guide other women on this path of body sovereignty and ancestral wisdom, I had to first explore it myself.

Through remembering and nurturing my connection to our Mother Earth,
living in harmony with my cycles and building an intimate relationship with my own body, I have created a life I am truly in love with!


And, guess what?

You also have the ability to do that and I would LOVE to help you get there and see you shine sister, because the truth is our world NEEDS your radiant light.

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