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This is a sacred journey.
The journey into your Heart.

It’s an honor to have you here.

Radiant Womben retreats are transformational immersive experiences curated to bring forth profound self-exploration, connection and embodiment of the highest form.

In our journeys, womben come together to explore, unlearn, and return to themselves through sacred ancient and modern modalities.





“Life took a meaningful turn after spending time with the beautiful authentic women at the “radiant womben retreat”. It truly transformed my view on sisterhood, sacred medicine and my deeper sense of purpose in life. Following the retreat I knew that I will always honor and create space for each and everyone I met in this journey.”

Martina D

“This retreat gave me the insight of my own divine
femininity and receive the love, solace, healing and
acceptance from other women I didn’t realize I had
been craving.

Dee H

I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend a Radiant Womben retreat, and it was truly life-changing. From the moment I arrived, the facilitator’s warmth and professionalism immediately put me at ease. The serene natural surroundings and carefully designed ceremonies created a safe and sacred space for personal transformation. During this journey, I got profound insights about my life, helping me confront and heal long-standing emotional wounds. The guidance and support from the experienced medicine woman and facilitators were invaluable, ensuring a deep and meaningful experience. I left with a profound sense of inner peace and clarity, I wholeheartedly recommend this retreat to anyone seeking profound spiritual growth and healing.

Lyanne F

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